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Pharmacy School Application Extracurricular Activities

Graduate schools look for applicants who are well-rounded. This will include pharmacy school candidates.  Admission committees will evaluate each part of a potential candidates application and this will include extracurricular activities.

What makes a well-rounded candidate for grad school?

Many schools are looking for students who have different life experiences. They do not want a book smart student who is clueless about life. A school picks students who represent them when they go into the work force. This builds the schools creditability and reputation. It will also create a dynamic learning environment for other students to learn from each other.

Pharmacy School Application Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities will take years to build on a resume. These are considered resume boosters for students applying to graduate school. Extracurricular activities may include Continue reading

Letters of Recommendation for Pharmacy School

Letters of Recommendation for Pharmacy School

Letters of recommendation are required for applying to pharmacy school. Generally schools will request for 2-3 letters of recommendation. Check the schools website for requirements. Many people overlook this requirement until the moment they decide to apply to pharmacy school or graduate school. A strong letter of recommendation can take years to obtain.

Depending on requirements, the letters must be from a pharmacist, a professor, or employer. What is considered a quality letter of recommendation?

Example #1: You asked a pharmacist to write you a letter of recommendation. This pharmacist Continue reading

Pre-Pharmacy Course Load and Planning

Pre-Pharmacy Course Load and Planning

My first semester in college did not have any specific approach to it. I just signed up for the general courses that are required for those seeking healthcare related careers. This approach to college resulted in the loss of 1 year of my life, 1 year of potential income, and 1 year of tuition costs. Most importantly however, loss of 1 year focusing on more important things in life such as friends and family.

During this process I learned how to plan out my coursework over the next several years. The Continue reading


How to Approach Pre-Pharmacy Classes


Before applying to Pharmacy School a candidate must take prerequisite courses to qualify. Many people refer to this as Pre-Pharmacy. Pre-Pharmacy is not a major but a set of required courses prior to admission to pharmacy school. These requirements are listed on each pharmacy school website. Each school has different course requirements. It is imperative that you plan out the classes you need to take. Doing this will save time and money.

Taking random classes that are not part of the prerequisite course requirements will just prolong your undergraduate studies. Trying to obtain that bachelors degree is a waste of time Continue reading

How to Become a Pharmacist

As a pharmacy student I was often asked by friends and family what steps are needed to become a Pharmacist. Many people do not understand that pharmacists are highly educated professionals. It can take between 5 years in an accelerated program to 12+ years of schooling with residencies to become specialized in a specific area of pharmacy.

Background Information

Pharmacists graduating from pharmacy school today in the United States are awarded a doctorate degree. The credential is called Pharm.D also known as Doctor of Pharmacy. Prior to the doctorate degree pharmacists were only required to have a bachelors degree in pharmacy (BSpharm) with a credential called R.Ph also known as Registered Pharmacist. There is no salary difference between the two degrees, however more jobs are requiring the Pharm.D. Some pharmacy programs offer BSpharm pharmacists the opportunity to obtain a Pharm.D degree.

What is Required Before Applying to Pharmacy School?

Figuring out how to get into Pharmacy School can be a daunting task when first starting out Continue reading

Should I Become a Pharmacist?

A lot of high school students and undergraduate college students really have no clue what they want to do with their life. I had this problem when transitioning from high school to college. This can be both positive and negative. With college tuition rates increasing, it is better to know exactly what you want to pursue early on. You are worse off accruing student loan debt by trying to figure out what you want to do in college. The most pragmatic approach financially, is to have a goal and plan in mind.

People are lead to the healthcare field in many different ways. It could be from a long time dream as a child, someone they looked up to, a TV show, through volunteer work, or recommendation by friends and family. In this specific case you were lead to the field of pharmacy and may be wondering if being a Pharmacist is what you want to do with your life.

Getting Pharmacy Experience

It is highly recommended that you get pharmacy experience. You need to get exposed in this Continue reading