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Managing Finances in College

College and graduate school can be detrimental to your finances. It is easy for students to forget about finances in college. Back when I was in school people who took student loans well past six figure sums would say they will pay it back when they start their careers. They believe their college degree’s and income will offset the student loans they were accruing. Now many of these individuals wish they had planned accordingly with borrowing student loans. They are easily paying 1-2 thousand dollars a month for student loan repayment. In some cases this will Continue reading

How to Prepare PharmCAS Application

PharmCAS is a centralized application service on the web to apply to pharmacy school ( It is important to keep in mind this is  only one portion of your entire pharmacy school application. This application can be tedious to fill out. Ideally, you should start at least 3-6 months before the application deadline. Continue reading

Pharmacy School Supplemental Application

Most Pharmacy Schools will require a Pharmacy School Supplemental Application in addition to a PharmCAS Application. Each School will have their own supplemental application to complete. This can be a tedious task when you apply to many schools. Often the pharmacy school supplemental application is overlooked as a component to the overall process.

Pharmacy School Supplemental Application

First, start by visiting each school’s website and download the supplemental application. I would recommend creating an organized folder on your computer or cloud storage system for Continue reading

Pharmacy School Personal Statement

Writing has always been a weak point in my abilities throughout my life. I have gradually improved over the years. My writing ability improved dramatically in college when I took English 101 and Technical Writing courses. Honestly, the best way to improve writing ability is practice and read as much as possible. Once I entered Pharmacy School there were few assignments that required writing. Years have passed since my writing prime. I practice by writing these Continue reading