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Getting a Pharmacy Internship

Getting a Pharmacy Internship is one of the most important things you can do while being a student. Most of my classmates had internships throughout school. It is not something that is required of students to finish school. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting pharmacy experience will do for your career. It will prepare you for the real world experience of pharmacy. This way you will not be one of those new graduates staring into headlights after learning the idealistic practice of pharmacy is far from true. Furthermore, you are building a strong network of pharmacy colleagues as resources.

Getting a Pharmacy Internship

When I received my acceptance letter from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy it was one of the best feelings of accomplishment of my life. It was time to celebrate and Continue reading

Pharmacists are Boring

There have been countless times when I meet new people and the topic of what you do for a living comes up. You have been there before. It is one of those checklist type of questions that is asked when you first meet people.

When I tell people I’m a Pharmacist. Most people just say “oh cool”, “wow, that is a good profession isn’t it?”, “pharmacist make a lot of money!”, “you got a easy job, just counting pills and making lots of money”. Many people also think pharmacists in general are very Continue reading

How I Paid off Pharmacy School Loans in 2 years

It has been about 2 years since graduating from Pharmacy School. I became licensed as a Pharmacist in May of 2012. This was a huge milestone in my life. This meant all my hard work was going to finally pay off. I was finally going to get that six figure salary that many of us strive for. It was a feeling of great accomplishment that I have been waiting for during all the years in college. That feeling however, did not last long as I started receiving e-mails about the student loans I had borrowed throughout college. Continue reading

Top 10 Pharmacy Schools

Choosing a pharmacy school can be a difficult choice for many students. For myself this was not an issue. I was fairly set on attending either Washington State University or University of Washington School of Pharmacy. Back then I wanted to stay close to home with family and friends. Another reason for choosing these schools was to start networking in the area that I wanted to practice in as a pharmacist. The other factor people consider is the ranking of the pharmacy program. Many people have asked me if it matters if they attend a Top 10 Pharmacy School. Continue reading