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Pharmacist Salaries

In recent years the topic of pharmacist salaries often comes up during conversations. They come up in the work environment, happy hour, family parties, and when I do volunteer work. Questions that come up include: “How much do pharmacist make?”, “How much do you make per hour?”, “What do pharmacist make per year?”. It is interesting because pharmacist salaries can vary widely depending on several factors. This can include:

Pharmacist Salaries

  • Type of pharmacy practice
  • Pharmacist Experience
  • Pharmacist credentials such as specializing and certifications
  • Geographic Location
  • Network can also play a role

I find people focus primarily on gross pay when it comes to compensation.  The overall compensation can be significantly more depending on the BENEFITS package. Here are some examples: Continue reading

Reviewing My Goals 2014

It has almost been 1 year since this blog was started. It is crazy how fast time goes by! I set a lot of ambitious goals for 2014. There are some great achievements and then there were failures. Let’s review how the year went:
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I Quit My Pharmacist Job

Many of you know that I work in both Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy and Inpatient Hospital Pharmacy. In November I officially resigned from my full time job at the LTC Pharmacy. I am still working at the LTC as a Per-Diem Pharmacist. Continue reading