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is pharmacy school worth it?

Is Pharmacy School Worth it? Part II

There has been a lot of feedback about my original article “Is Pharmacy School Worth it?” I decided to address all the complaints. Thus I will break down the math as simple as possible for those who got confused. Let’s do math together! Continue reading

is pharmacy school worth it?

Is Pharmacy School Worth It?

Lately, I have been getting the question “is pharmacy school is worth it?” What does this exactly mean? There are two ways to look at this question. Either from a financial standpoint or career perspective. Personally, I tend to look at things at a financial perspective. I believe this has been ingrained into me growing up in a low-modest income family. We will examine both perspectives below in more detail:

See “Is Pharmacy Worth It? Part II

Is Pharmacy School Worth it?

Financial PerspectiveGoing to college does not equal high paying job compared to the past. Today colleges are handing out diplomas for bachelors degrees as long as you pay your tuition. To be of any value to businesses you must have desirable skills or specialized knowledge. The major you choose will always have variable outcomes. However, some majors will give you a higher probability of employment, higher salaries, and career development opportunities.

First lets compare how long it would take before a pharmacist breaks even in net worth compared to a pharmacy technician. Continue reading

how to stay motivated

How to Stay Motivated

It is March and already my motivation to complete my goals for the year of 2015 has been waning. It is strange how I felt so much energy and motivation to be productive in January. Now 3 months into the year I find it extremely difficult to get everything completed. My energy overall seems to be declining each day. I have my up and down days. It can significantly affect how much work I can crank out (Example: only 2 blog posts were made for February and March is not looking so good either). Over the years I have found what works best for me to stay motivated. Here are my top 5 ways on:

How to Stay Motivated

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