What to Expect on Pharmacy School Interview Day

I vividly remember being a nervous wreck several weeks before my pharmacy school interview day. The past 7 years of my life was spent studying and working tediously to get up to this very point (including high school years). To me this was the culminating moment for success or failure. What I did not realize back then was that it really did not matter. I had practiced and studied my ass off and this was just another experience to build my character. I had done everything I could up to this point and it was time to do my best without regrets.

What to Expect on Pharmacy School Interview Day

It is important to show up to the interview dressed to impress. This is most likely your biggest interview in your life to date and it is important to be well dressed. On the pharmacy school interview day you will most likely be in a group of several other potential candidates interviewing in different time slots. A student or faculty member will give you a tour of the pharmacy school facilities. At this point you can ask questions about the school or anything you see.

Remember to greet and be nice to everyone you meet throughout the day. You never know who is part of the admission committee or what someone will say about you to an admission committee. At one point you will most likely be put together in a room to write your on-site essays as part of the application process. Some interview committees will actually read your essay prior to your interview and ask you questions about what you wrote. Some schools will have other types of activities to test your motivation, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and communication skills.

I hope this can be a learning point to help ease your anxiety and nerves for the pharmacy interview. You have nothing to lose besides continuing on with your life or you gain acceptance to pharmacy school. Even if you do not get accepted the first time applying, continue working towards a bachelors, get pharmacy experience, continue to network, and try again the following year with more confidence. Another great tip would be to setup a meeting with one of the admission committee members to ask for constructive criticism to improve the following year.

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I hope the recommendations above will help guide, motivate, and inspire you to achieve your goals. Follow my blog for more tips and advice on how to become a pharmacist. What was your experience like on interview day? Good luck to those interviewing!

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