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how to network in pharmacy

How to Network in Pharmacy

Thousands of pharmacists will graduate in the coming months. They will all join the work force either through residency programs or look for a new job. Often times we hear the advice to “go out and network”. There is no guidance or instruction on “How to Network in Pharmacy”. Many YouTube viewers and subscribers to this blog have asked this very question: “How do I Network in Pharmacy?”

How to Network in Pharmacy

The key approach to networking is being able to ask for help. A common misconception to asking for help is feeling that you are bothering someone. Some may feel that people will think less of them or it could be their own pride preventing them from asking for advice.  Research from University of Pennsylvania Behavioral Science found that asking for advice is beneficial to networking. Why? It is a method of ego stroking. Asking for their advice makes the adviser feel important or smarter. Not only do you gain valuable insight and knowledge, this will help establish a network connection. This is the foundation to networking in pharmacy. Here is a 5 step process on how to network in pharmacy: Continue reading

is pharmacy school worth it?

Is Pharmacy School Worth It?

Lately, I have been getting the question “is pharmacy school is worth it?” What does this exactly mean? There are two ways to look at this question. Either from a financial standpoint or career perspective. Personally, I tend to look at things at a financial perspective. I believe this has been ingrained into me growing up in a low-modest income family. We will examine both perspectives below in more detail:

See “Is Pharmacy Worth It? Part II

Is Pharmacy School Worth it?

Financial PerspectiveGoing to college does not equal high paying job compared to the past. Today colleges are handing out diplomas for bachelors degrees as long as you pay your tuition. To be of any value to businesses you must have desirable skills or specialized knowledge. The major you choose will always have variable outcomes. However, some majors will give you a higher probability of employment, higher salaries, and career development opportunities.

First lets compare how long it would take before a pharmacist breaks even in net worth compared to a pharmacy technician. Continue reading

How to Study in Pharmacy School

Question from Reader:

I am curious how you survived pharmacy school. Do you mind sharing the way that you study materials and how you digested all of the information? What is the best way to read pharmacy text books and master all the concepts? I read a pharmacology text book recently, and I felt like the more I read, the harder it was to understand. I couldnt figure out the main point that I needed to remember after completing the chapter. Thanks You.”  – Tona

How to Study in Pharmacy School

Pharmacy school can be intimidating to a lot of students. A lot of information is thrown at you in a short amount of time. Each person will study differently and it may take a few tries before you find out what works best for you. Personally, I was one of those individuals that took longer to digest information. I had to spend lots of time at the library reading over my notes over and over trying to memorize information. I really envy those who have photographic memory. These gifted individuals study the night before exams and still score the highest in the class.

For the rest of us we must use different methods to help us memorize and understand the concepts better. Here are my Top 10 Tips for Studying in Pharmacy School: Continue reading

Does it Matter What Pharmacy School You Go To?

A common question that comes up:

“Does it Matter What Pharmacy School You Go To?”

Choosing a pharmacy school can be a difficult choice for many students. This choice for myself was not too difficult. I knew I wanted to stay close to home where all my family and friends lived. The other variable I was considering was the location I would be practicing as a pharmacist. This was important for networking in the area to get a job after graduation. Thus, I chose to apply to both of the pharmacy schools in the state of Washington.

To answer the question, yes, it does matter what pharmacy school you go to.  Here are the top 4 reasons why it matters what pharmacy school you go to: Continue reading

How Hard is Pharmacy School

I have been asked numerous times by friends, family, YouTube and the readers of this blog:

“How Hard is Pharmacy School?”

Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this question. It can depend on so many factors. Often times I will give people a short and quick answer that it just depends on the person going to pharmacy school. Let’s take a close look and analyze this topic more in depth: Continue reading

What is it like to be a Hospital Pharmacy Intern

I received a question on:

“What is it like to be a Hospital Pharmacy Intern?”

I started a hospital pharmacy internship during my 1st year of pharmacy school. Before starting the internship I felt intimidated and anxious about the program and what was expected of me. Prior to this job, I had little experience in the hospital inpatient setting. The only experience before this involved delivering medications to the floors as a volunteer.

I struggled at first because there is so much information to take in, especially if you have not been exposed to the practice of pharmacy. It would benefit those who have experience as a pharmacy technician. However, I would not recommend becoming a technician just for this reason. If you want to be a pharmacist just go for it and skip being a technician. The only reason to be a technician is if you are not sure about being a pharmacist or become a volunteer. Having little background in pharmacy, I had to learn the different pharmacy laws, hospital protocols, hospital policies, different regulatory agencies that oversee pharmacy and the hospital, learn the pharmacy workflow, learn pharmacy technician workflow, and also learn pharmacist workflow. Each pharmacy internship program will be different: Continue reading