what major should i choose for my bachelors

What Major Should I Choose for My Bachelors?

Question from Reader:

What Major Should I Choose for My Bachelors?”

My answer to this common question is simple. It does not matter what major you choose for Pharmacy School. Pharmacy schools do not really care what major you chose for your bachelors degree. They just want to make sure you fulfilled all the prerequisite courses required to apply. The only time I see this being of any significance is when you have an extremely competitive applicant pool to choose from. In these rare cases, a pharmacy school might pick and choose different majors that diversify the background knowledge of students in the classroom. However, as stated before, this would be rare.

The ideal situation is to get into pharmacy school without a bachelors degree. Why is this? By getting into pharmacy school earlier you saved 1, 2, or even more years of your life. Why waste additional years of your life in school, accruing more debt, and not earning income? That bachelors degree will not do you any good if your ultimate goal is to become a pharmacist. All you need is your doctorate of pharmacy and a pharmacist license to work. The best use for that bachelors degree will be decoration on your wall.

“What if I don’t get in and I no bachelors degree either?” If you fail to get in your first try, pick yourself up and try again! Do not fear failing. My suggestion is to talk to the pharmacy school and ask them what you can improve on for the next round of applications the following year. If you do not get in, just continue pursuing your bachelors degree. You have nothing to lose by applying early without a bachelors degree. If anything, it will give you more experience with interviews.


  • Does not matter what major you choose for Pharmacy School
  • Apply early as possible, do not wait to complete your bachelors degree
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I hope the recommendations above will help guide, motivate, and inspire you to achieve your goals. Follow my blog for more tips and advice on finances and being a pharmacist. What are your experiences? Please comment below and share your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “What Major Should I Choose for My Bachelors?

  1. Anonymous

    For someone who is only interested in making money and becoming rich would you recommend this profession?

    1. ThePharmacistBlog Post author

      No, there are many other professions out there that make much more $ for less time spent in school, debt ect.. Example: Nurses, I know many nurses that only did 4 years or less after high school making 150-200k/year (they can do as much overtime as they want), especially the surgical nurses that are on call.

      Engineers and techies also make about the same if not more than pharmacist, less school, less debt, more years of income, and often times better benefits.

      The best career for the most potential for income earned in my opinion is the finance industry. They require less school and can earn upwards of 300k/year or more depending on how far you get.

      The most income potential for all occupations is entrepreneur.

      I would categorize Pharmacist as above average income, not a favorable income/debt ratio, and not the best occupation if you are purely going for money.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow do nurses really make 150k+? I thought their salary was only 50-80k max and the work involves wiping asses which turned me completely away from the profession. Is this because of nursing specialties?

    I have a lot of family members that are engineers and techies. Most of their starting salaries are around 50-60k. Yes, they do start making money sooner however it does take a long time for them to gain enough work experience to get a salary over 6 figs. Engineering and tech positions that pay over 100k generally require at least 5-8 years of experience minimum from what i have seen. Also often times, they have to apply to other positions to keep climbing the ladder. Loyalty at a company doesn’t mean much these days.

    I’m not entirely too sure about finance but people that majored in finance when I was in college do not make anywhere near 300k. They’d be lucky if they hit 100k. Maybe the finance people you know are in like investment banking or something.

    If pharmacy school did not cost so much, I think it would be a great way to become rich. If i do choose to become a pharmacist I will probably do some sort of business on the side.

    As a pharmacist do you feel like you get more respect from family and friends since you are technically a doctor?

    Btw, I appreciate the feedback!

    1. ThePharmacistBlog Post author

      Yeah I am not talking about a normal nurse. I am talking about the ones taking advantage of all overtime/oncall shifts. Example: Nurse can pull a double shift get paid 1.5x or 2x (depends on employer) then they come back in 4 hours the following morning and get either 2.5x or 3x pay because they were gone for such a short time period. There are many ways to rack it up as a nurse.

      For Pharmacists it is rare to get overtime pay. I work a ton of hours now, and still get the same pay as a nurse working a ton of hours because they get overtime pay but I get regular pharmacist pay for my extra hours (2nd job). Depending on the nurse job, you can avoid “wiping asses” and do more specialized care.

      I am not promoting nursing but lets just look at an simplified example: 4 years after high school you have a nurse making 100k easily with overtime shifts. Lets say the nurse graduated with 50k debt from college. Then you have the pharmacist who did 8 years total after high school racking up 200k debt. We will not account for interest to make the example easier, but lets say the pharmacist makes 120k coming out of school. So 12 years post high school the nurse would have earned 800k – 50k student loans = 750k, pharmacist earned 480k – 200k = 280k. That is a big difference! If the nurse invested all of their money they would be even further ahead and also accounting for interest against the pharmacist student loans.

      I know new engineers racking up overtime that most are making well over 100k, must be the group of people I am friends with I suppose.

      For finance, yes you are right, I meant investment banking.

      I get the respect if they know how much $$$ I am making but besides that they just know I am not a Medical Doctor so they don’t really respect it as much.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought there was a law that does not allow salaried employees to get overtime pay. I thought you had to be paid hourly in order to get overtime pay. Correct me if i’m wrong since im not entirely sure.

    Nursing certainly sounds like a career path that is not risky such as pharmacy or medical school with the enormous amount of debt, but I don’t think I would enjoy that type of work. Also you generally have to gain experience or sometimes go back for a masters if you want to specialize or move up in nursing.

    As far as pharmacy school loan interest. I don’t believe any subsidized loans are offered which means interest rates start as soon as the loan money is dispersed and the current interest rate is 6.21% I believe. That is a very high interest rate and it will be very difficult for many new pharmacist that owe120k to pay back.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Paul,
    You mentioned that you eventually received your bachelor’s degree while in pharmacy school. I was wondering if you took extra undergraduate classes on top of your first year in pharmacy school or did you have some pharmacy school classes count towards your bachelor’s degree. I am planning to apply to pharmacy schools without a bachelor’s degree but would to see if I could finish a bachelors degree eventually if I am accepted to pharmacy school without a bachelors.

  5. University of Houston graduate 2018

    I would not recommend going to pharmacy school these days. Get a useful degree in engineering or nursing, perhaps apply to medical school or physician assistant school. These degrees hold much more value than a pharmacy degree due to the saturation.

  6. Hardi

    I have completed my 12th std and I’m interested in pharmacy, what should I do “bachelor in oharmacy” or “bachelor’s in analytical studies of pharmacy”


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