How to Dress for Pharmacy School Interview

You would be surprised to know a lot of candidates forget to actually dress up for their pharmacy interviews. Please do me a favor and do not show up in street clothes. This is one of the most important interviews of your life. It is not a time to show up in casual wear or even business casual clothes. Going formal is the safest and best way to impress the admission committee.

There are many studies and research that suggest first impressions are very important on how a candidate is perceived. Dressing well is part of that first impression and should not be taken lightly. Just imagine yourself on the interview team and a candidate shows up in street clothes. What is your first impressions of this candidate? Personally, I would think this person is not taking this interview seriously, insulting, not organized, lazy, and sloppy.

There are also candidates that just simply cannot afford nice clothes. For those candidates I would suggest to ask friends and family if they have anything to borrow for the interview. You can also rent a suit or professional clothing if you are short on cash. If you are unable to obtain professional clothes after depleting all your resources, it is recommended to talk to the school of pharmacy and let them know your circumstances. This way they will be more understanding when you show up in street clothes vs professional clothing.

How to Dress for Pharmacy School Interview

So you may be wondering what should I wear to the pharmacy interview? Treat the pharmacy interview as a high level interview where you would dress to impress. The following are some interview dress guidelines for males and female candidates. The information collected was from various Universities Business School websites and personal experience.

Dress Guidelines for Male and Female Candidates

  • Conservative Two-Piece Business Suit – Good choices would include dark colors such as Navy or Dark Grey. Avoid black as this is reserved more for a formal setting or funeral. If you only have a black suit, it is still permissible to wear.
  • Button up Shirt/Blouse – Long sleeve white is best.
  • Shoes – Clean and polished dress shoes.
  • Nails – Clean and neatly trimmed
  • Pockets – Avoid carry coins or anything that can create a bulge or is distracting. Take a look at yourself in a full length mirror to see if anything sticks out as distracting when you are all dressed up.
  • No Gum, Candy, or Cigarettes
  • Portfolio case or light briefcase
  • Cologne and Perfume – Keep it minimal. Some people have allergies to perfumes and cologne or even strong deodorant.
  • Avoid visible body piercings
  • Cover up tattoos

Dress Guidelines for Male Candidates

  • Ties – Avoid intricate patterns or colors that may distract from the candidates face or interview. Best are silk with a conservative pattern. Tie length should hit the middle of the belt.
  • Dress Shoes – Absolutely do not wear sneakers to an interview. Black lace-up dress shoes are recommended.
  • Belt is recommended (black or brown is best)
  • Dress Socks – Do not wear white socks. Black is recommended.
  • Facial Hair – Either shave it all off or keep it very clean and trimmed.
  • Hair – It is recommended to get a shorter style haircut.
  • Avoid earrings and rings. Wedding bands are acceptable.


Dress Guidelines for Female Candidates

  • Suit with either pants or skirt. Skirt should be conservative in length and should not be above the knees by more than several inches.
  • Dresses are not acceptable.
  • Conservative hosiery that is similar to skin color. Avoid patterns.
  • No spiked high heals. 1-3 inch heels are recommended. No open toed shoes.
  • Keep the purse at home; bring a briefcase
  • Those who like nail polish, use clear or a conservative color.
  • Jewelry: one set of earrings only and one ring on each hand max
  • Try not to go overboard on the makeup. If it is noticeable it can be distracting during the interview.

how to dress for pharmacy school interview

Leave a comment below if you have any interesting stories or advice on interview attire.

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I hope the recommendations above will help guide, motivate, and inspire you to achieve your goals. Follow my blog for more tips and advice on how to become a pharmacist. Any advice for dressing for the pharmacy interview?

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